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Cell phones at the blackjack table and paying for drinks on the casino floor

Beginnings a Chicago Tribute band will appear at Golden Nugget A. There are a few states where it's illegal for casinos to give free drinks, and Missouri is one of them. Illinois, Indiana and Kansas also are on the list. This started with the legalization of riverboat gambling in Illinois in 1990, with the first casino opening in 1991. Most of the early riverboats did not have hotels, and even today, hotels are much smaller than casino hotels in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Going to a casino was basically a day trip — or an evening trip. When done for the day, most players drove home. The state did not want to put extra drivers who had been drinking on the road, so free alcoholic beverages were prohibited. Indiana and Missouri followed suit when their riverboats opened later in the 1990s.

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